Guess what day it is?!!

Yes, starting off with the hello's. Nice to meet you. I will be adding the first few episodes every Friday here. itunes will pick it up when itunes feels like picking it up I guess. I submitted. It may take a minute cause itunes does what it wants. I didn't forget about all the non i users. I will also be submitting to google play music and to stitcher...but, you can skip all that jazz and get it delivered to your email in box every Friday. Head to the podletter sign up page!

Pretty please, if you do subscribe let me know what you would like to hear! I will be polling ya'll often to check in and see what's up. I would love to do a funny stories episode, but we can chat later on that. I am so excited/nervous/happy to go on this journey with you. For reals though, editing a podcast is no f**$ing joke! I have had to learn so so much to bring this to your ears. I am quite proud LOL. So, it may not be the best, most well edited and oiled machine of a podcast, but it's ours and I am so honored to have you as a listener. <3

Ooh, then I try to leave without posting all those links. There are tons of more amazing people to learn from, here are a few I spotlighted in this episode.

Here you go:


Donald Yim AIFD 

Hitomi Gilliam

Floral Design Institute



Chapel Designers

Amy McGee's Podcast: Botanical Brouhaha

Debra Prinzing's: Slow Flowers Podcast

Happy listening!

Florally yours, 

Gina Thresher AIFD